People all over the world share a terrifying experience.  Put yourself in their place for a moment and imagine what you would do….

You wake up in the middle of the night with the feeling that someone is in your bedroom.  You can feel something is wrong and you don’t dare move a muscle.  You let your eyes scan the room, straining through the darkness to see who is there.  As your vision clears a little, you are horrified to see several small grayish beings with huge, black, wrap-around eyes gliding/floating toward your bed.  Panic sets in and you think of running or fighting but your body is suddenly paralyzed and you are unable to move anything but your eyes. Time stops, utter confusion envelops your mind and total, all-consuming fear, unlike anything you have ever experienced before, is not only felt in your mind but in your body at a cellular level. The leader of these beings comes right up to your face, just inches away, and looks right into your eyes with one of his big eyes.  You feel the power from that eye as you begin slipping away, losing consciousness.

When you wake up the next morning, you may have a vague feeling that something unexplained happened in the night, a feeling that you can’t put your finger on and so you dismiss it and assume you had a strange dream or nightmare. You may not remember anything until something triggers your memory, like a book with an alien on the cover in a store window, or a recurring dream that gets clearer and more specific each time you dream it.  Then one day you realize you are plagued with half-memories and strange mental pictures that make no sense to you but are disturbing at a deep level of your psyche. You might choose to seek professional help or you might just continue to live your day-to-day life and never address the deeply hidden fears that lie just beneath the surface of your consciousness. What would you do?

Every day people have to decide how they want to deal with this issue.  Are they going to do nothing, even though they know that something indeed has happened to them and continues to happen to them, or are they going to get professional help and unlock the memories?  Reliving the memories can be devastating and is not advised unless a person’s everyday life is so impacted with the stress of his half-remembered encounters that he has no other choice.

Whatever the person decides, his life will never be the same as it was before he began remembering his encounters.  Most abductions by non-human entities begin in childhood and continue throughout a person’s life.  The abduction phenomenon seems to follow family lines, possibly indicating that genetic studies are being done on many generations of a given family. So, what can a person do?  He can do his best with learning to cope with the helplessness he feels in not being able to control the situation and the violation he feels at the hands of the abductors.  Or he can learn to fight back!

I personally feel that keeping your own power and fighting back is the best thing to do. We are spiritual beings, no less important in the scheme of things than any other lifeform in this universe.  We have undreamed of, untapped spiritual power within and must learn to empower ourselves with knowledge and stand tall in our power. No entity has the right to violate our bodies and minds and take away our free will.  We need to protect ourselves from these intruders.

A researcher in Los Angeles, Ann Druffel, has studied the abduction phenomenon for twenty years and has found a very interesting pattern in cases involving so-called “bedroom visitors.”  She found that abduction can be fought and won!  She has researched over 40 cases where would-be abductees have used resistance techniques successfully.  Resistance techniques are, for the most part, ordinary abilities of the human mind and simple physical actions.  They are:

1)        Mental struggle.  This is best utilized after the entities’ presence is either seen or sensed and after paralysis has set in.  It involves focused willpower, aimed at moving some small part of the body.  The entities seem unable to counteract it when used by a confident person.  With focused attention, the person concentrates on moving something small, like a finger or toe.  When they can do this, the paralysis breaks abruptly and the beings vanish.  This has worked for a number of people but the person must be able to put fear aside and concentrate on the task at hand.  Our mental ability is just as strong as theirs, possibly even stronger, but we have to realize this and use it.  Again, we have tremendous untapped mental abilities that we can call upon when we have a need.  The non-human entities use our own mental turmoil and fear to control us with something akin to hypnosis. By using our focused, mental energy on moving some part of our body instead of using that energy for fear, we control the situation.

2)        Righteous anger.  This technique works well for people who are outraged by the violation of their rights and free will by the entities.  Focused anger is the key – anger that can be, in effect, hurled at the entities.  Anger of this kind is not hatred (which is usually fear-based) but is the righteous anger of anyone who knows that they have a right to object to the agenda of these beings. One way to attain this righteous anger is by realizing deep within yourself that you are a spiritual being, connected to and part of the Supreme Creator, and do not have to put up with being kidnapped against your will by cosmic terrorists.

3)        Protective rage.  This is similar to righteous anger but is a stronger emotion because it involves the desire to protect others besides yourself, such as young children.  It can be used after an abduction to prevent future visitations.  Strong rejecting thoughts and violent verbal language yelled out loud are projected toward the intruders.  Here, again, the person must be aware of his foundation as a spiritual being with a strong sense of individual human rights.  There are cases where mothers have been able to protect their children by verbally assaulting the abductors with violent language and even curses just before an abduction could be accomplished.  As we look at the above three methods, in every case the person must employ a very focused mind, not letting fear get in the way, and must be aware of their rights as a spiritual being.

4)        Metaphysical techniques.  The most effective metaphysical method has been the use of “white light.”  A person can envision white light pouring in through the top of their head (the crown chakra) and spreading down through their entire body in a continuous stream.  White light is brought into the body until the person can envision the body being saturated with it and having it extend beyond the body by several inches.  A person who regularly practices this will not only get more proficient at bringing white light into their body but will begin feeling the difference in their aura, as it gets strengthened.  The aura is the energy field around a person’s body and can be used to protect the person against energies and beings that would manipulate that body.  This technique has been used very successfully by people who know that it works and have faith in it.  Do this before going to bed to protect yourself.  I worked with a woman in Oxnard who was being abducted every week for a three-month period.  We worked on the white light technique and she became able to see/feel the light in and around her body before going to bed.  Her abductions stopped for months.  She eventually got out of the habit of doing this technique and the abductions started up again.  I personally believe this technique is very important.

The above techniques are some of the main ones and more will be discovered as research continues.  My point is that we aren’t helpless.  We are powerful beings in our own right, but we have to know this and believe it for the techniques to have maximum effectiveness.  I urge any reader who is having encounters with these non-human entities to think about the techniques given above and visualize putting them into practice. I would suggest that you get more in touch with your own center of spirituality and power by taking up some form of meditation.  As you become more aware of your own powerful inner nature, you learn to control the fear that arises within you during such encounters.  As you learn to control fear and focus your mental power and attention — you, not they, can control the situation.  Let’s empower ourselves and help each other.