The Cold War was raging in the late 50s and early 60s.  Nuclear war was a serious threat and tensions ran high between the NATO member countries and the Soviet Union.  To make things even worse during these years, large numbers of metallic circular objects were flying from the Soviet Union west to Europe.  Of special concern was an event that transpired in 1961 where large numbers of these objects flew in formation over the Soviet Union, over the Warsaw Pact section of Central Europe, over France, Germany, the English Channel, and finally disappeared off our radar out over the Norwegian Sea.  As they flew over the Soviet Union, the Soviets went to red alert, closing Berlin and amassing tanks and arms in the field in preparation for war.  The Allied Powers also went on red alert and a serious situation seemed imminent. Each side thought these metallic objects belonged to their enemy.  What was even more frightening was the fact that these objects could fly circles around the best jets in existence anywhere in the world and could disappear in a flash.  They flew at speeds up to 5000 miles per hour and made turns that would kill a human pilot.  The Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE) tried to get information from London and Washington DC but because of a sophisticated French spy ring operating in Paris, neither country would send information to SHAPE in France for fear of it being intercepted.  With no information to go on and a serious situation developing, Air Marshal Sir Thomas Pike of NATO/SHAPE established a study of these flying objects, calling upon the best scientists, historians and thinkers in all Europe.  The study was called The Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat To Allied Forces In Europe, and ran from 1961-1964.

 While this study was in progress, Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean, United States Army, was assigned to SHAPE in France.  This highly decorated combat veteran served at SHAPE from 1963 to 1967 as an intelligence analyst with a Cosmic Top Secret clearance (the highest given at NATO) and was a member of the inner Command Staff of the Operations Division.  Because of his level of clearance, Robert Dean had access to the vault in the Operations Division where a copy of the super-secret document, The Assessment, was kept. He used to sign himself into the vault every evening for several hours so he could read the document. This was no quick read, as the formal document was about one and one-half inches thick and the supporting documentation was about eight inches thick. There were ten separate annexes making up the supporting information: 1) radar and electromagnetic effects, 2) optical and light analysis, 3) photographic and holographic analysis, 4) historical research and evidence, 5) metallurgic and technical analysis, 6) atmospheric physics, 7) biological analysis and autopsies, 8) psychological studies and their impact, 9) sociological effects and their implications, and 10) theological implications and their impact.

 What Mr. Dean read literally changed his life.  According to him, nothing was ever the same again and his new, greatly broadened awareness of the universe and our place in it forced him to entertain ideas and theories that he never would have dared consider just months before.  Because of the tremendous importance of the findings of this study, Mr. Dean knowingly violates his security oath, in this one area only, in sharing this information openly with the American people.  He believes that the truth of the extraterrestrial situation must be told to the people at all costs because it is the single most important issue of our time.

 Now, the conclusions of The Assessment:

1) The planet Earth is and has been the subject of an extensive, massive and very thorough and detailed survey by several extraterrestrial civilizations.

2) These civilizations have demonstrated an extremely advanced technology, possibly hundreds or even thousands of years beyond ours.

3) There seems to be a process or plan of some kind unfolding.  “They” have demonstrated that a development of some kind of program was underway.

4) Evidence is clear that this program has been going on for a very long time, possibly hundreds or even thousands of years.

5) There does not appear to be a major military threat involved.  If “they” were malevolent or hostile, there was absolutely nothing we could do about it anyway.

 By 1976 our government knew that at least four separate civilizations were coming here and were intimately involved with us.  What really shook up the NATO officials was the fact that one of the groups looks enough like us that they could dress as we do and walk into a restaurant and we would never know the difference.  Mr. Dean says that today we know there are a lot more than four separate groups coming here.

 Mr. Dean is corresponding with an office in Washington DC in an attempt to get immunity for those officials who speak openly of what they know about the UFO situation.  There presently are eleven astronauts, six cosmonauts, numerous scientists and educators, three admirals and two generals who have said that they will speak openly about what they know if they can only get a guarantee that their pensions and careers won’t be destroyed in the process.

 The governments of the world, with the exception of the Mexican government and possibly a few others, are still trying to cover up the truth.  In fact, an article came out in the Washington Post and the New York Times stating that “For the last twenty-five years, there have been CIA agents in place in every major media outlet in the U.S.  Not only have they been successful in having certain stories rewritten, they have been successful in having certain stories killed entirely.” They kill stories, they eliminate stores, they rewrite stories that they feel you do not need to know.  One CIA agent said in an interview, “If we are lying to you, it is for your own good.”

 To quote James MacDonald, the past Chairman of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Arizona, “If you are not interested or concerned about the UFO matter, you are simply uninformed.”  Mr. Dean agrees with this statement completely and tells people that the evidence is overwhelming and is out there to be discovered — you must do your own homework.

 If the truth were completely out in the open, there would be changes in the sciences, in physics and astronomy, in our social structures, and big changes in religion.  But it is time that we were allowed to know the facts and learn how to deal with them.  It is only a matter of time before the cover-up unravels and the truth becomes known to the public. That is why I strongly urge all of you to learn what you can about the UFO situation and you will at least be somewhat prepared for future events.

I welcome your questions and comments.