People all over the world have been reporting encounters with non-human entities.  We don’t know the origin of these entities, whether they are physical beings from another planet or interdimensional beings who have been here with us since the beginning of our history.  Most researchers believe that we are dealing with both.  We have thousands of reports from people who claim they have been kidnapped by non-human entities and subjected to physical examinations and psychological/ emotional studies.  Healthcare professionals and hypnotherapists have been seeing the marks and scars, the physical evidence of these kidnappings, on the bodies of their patients and clients and hearing their traumatic accounts of abduction.  Surgeons have removed small implants from the bodies of several people in California. These implants are now being studied by electronics and chemical engineers at a university where electron microscopy and photospectrometry is being done. Because I strongly feel caution should be exercised when encountering all non-human entities, I offer the following article to help people having these encounters think seriously about what they are accepting as their truth.

Brainwashing …. that is a strong word but I use it purposely, as I question the sudden change in abductees’ attitudes all over the country.  I’m a hypnotherapist in Santa Barbara, California, and the director of CEIT (Contact Encounters Investigation Team) an abductee support and research group.  I noticed a drastic change earlier this year in the attitudes of several of the abductees from one meeting to the next.  People who had been traumatized all their lives by ongoing abductions and had only anger and mistrust for their non-human abductors suddenly started saying they had been told/shown that everything that has happened to them was for their own good, that the abductors are highly spiritual beings and are helping them (the abductee) to evolve spiritually.  By accepting this information, the abductees stopped fighting abduction and instead became passive and controlled.  When I checked with other researchers, I found that this was a pattern that was repeating itself over and over again around the country.  I became concerned that abductees were accepting these explanations from entities that we know can be deceitful, use screen memories to mask real memories, use virtual reality scenerios to implant images into abductees’ heads, and manipulate and abuse.  I wrote an article for the MUFON UFO Journal (September 1995) and encouraged abductees to seriously think about what they were accepting as their truth, in light of the evidence, not the explanations offered them by these non-human entities.  I invited comments from the readership. 

The correspondence I received from other researchers reflected, for the most part, my own observations and feelings about this abductee attitude switch.  But the letters I got from many abductees accused me of insulting their wonderful space brothers.  I’d like to give a few quotes from some of the letters I received.

A non-abductee writes:  “Growth is a personally achieved occurrence from within one’s own being, whether it is physical or spiritual.  If these aliens are wanting us to believe that they are gifting humans with spiritual growth, I see this as a ploy for their own purposes.  If this is not a tactic of their doings and is, instead, the abductees way of justifying what has happened to them, then they are deluding themselves.  Either way one looks at it, this is like justifying a cult leader who uses his members for experimentation and has sex with them for purposes he calls spiritual and sanctioned by God.  We have seen this type of activity in human cults … and have been appalled by it.  What makes this same type of activity acceptable with aliens?  Their actions speak for themselves.”

One of the few abductees who agrees with me writes:  “I was of this mindset a few years back and had to force myself to back away from it. I knew myself enough to know that it was not “like me,” a very independent thinker, to be compliant or to trust so easily, but I do know programming when I see it. I still find myself being “pulled” down the path of the “Friendly and Caring” entity mindset, but the reality is – they are not. Their actions are not ethical. Like thieves in the night they have plundered our lives.  If their intent was noble, they would not have to hide it. I agree, a spiritually advanced race would not behave as they do. It’s pure logic and yet I still have to keep reminding myself of that.  Up until 1992, I was incredibly compelled never to share my abduction experience with anyone; to do so would be a “betrayal” of my “space friends.” I cannot express how strongly compelled I was towards silence….to utterly, believing they were here for our benefit….Maybe it was because I went so much with the feeling of infatuation that I got to thinking, “Whoa….listen to yourself…you sound like some kind of fanatic.” That’s when it clicked. If anyone should’ve known better, it was me; and yet they still managed to manipulate me.  I backed away from the entire issue and grew mistrustful of these idealistic proclivites both within myself and in literature I’d read. My only goal was to change my attitude towards them, and to see them for what they are. It took me 2 years to do this to the point where I could come into a group setting and even TALK about it!! To do so would be betrayal!  It was not and still is not easy, but I knew I had to stop protecting my “captors” ….my “abusers.”… matter what they said or promised me.  It was hard for me to go from “Special-Chosen-One” to “Intergalactic Mutineer” but the point is, I had to FORCE the resistence. I still do….and will, until our little cosmic terrorists fess up and become accountable for their actions.”           

Another abductee writes:  “Once you’ve been cut open and can see your insides over and over, it becomes old hat.  It’s life!… Some people who experience abduction are always under their control.  They need to be.  How else can they be cared for?  Or perhaps I should say monitored?”

A Native American wrote to me:  “Native Americans are very aware of the beings that are ‘visiting.’  I have been told that they do not believe that these beings are extraterrestrial.  In the old days the Star People visited and interacted with the people.  Today the Wakan Sica (in Lakota), or the darker side, has come and has impersonated the Star People.  This way they (the dark beings) could move into our culture, through the public fascination with UFOs.”

An abductee writes:  “Abduction is part of the grand plan … the plan to change humans genetically so we will be able to adapt to a changing environment, such as that brought on by more radiation, more pollution, etc.  At present our genes are breaking down under the stress but they are fixing all that.  They will save us as a species and make us able to continue living here.  We should be terribly thankful to them for all their help.”

A MUFON State Director writes: “…. your article had an impact on me, for it put into words my own approach to abductions …. I suggest caution be the name of the game as we continue to explore the phenomenon.  I, too, am unable to equate spirituality with taking someone against their will.  Whatever the agenda may be surround-ing alien abductions, I’m sure we are not being told the truth or, at the very least, being manipulated into cooperating with it.”

An abductee writes:  “How can you say we are being manipulated and controlled when we agreed to all this before we came into this life?  In a pre-life arrangement, the one you call an abductee agreed to being used to aid his brothers from the other dimensions/planets.  If this means experimentation, fetus removal and the like, then that is fine because it was all agreed to, the abductee has just forgotten the agreement.  It will further his spiritual growth to be of service in such a manner.”

Not an abductee himself but has an abductee in the family: 

“…. let’s not be suckered into believing getting hit in the head with a baseball bat is fun.  It could very well lead to our demise as an independent thinking race of beings.  I feel one of the greatest gifts we have is our independence as individuals.  I won’t give up my independence without a fight.”

An abductee writes:  “If abductees are more at peace by accepting their abductors as spiritual, what’s wrong with that?  Abductee brainwashing?  I don’t think so.  The body is controlled, not ones feelings.”

A researcher:  “Your paper dovetails nicely with a lot of information that I have gathered.  I really appreciate your using the terms ‘brainwashing’ and ‘kidnapping’ because that is exactly what is going on. Furthermore, the word brainwashing aptly describes the veracity of this experience.  One of your major theses is that abductees themselves are changing their stories from feeling traumatized and abused to finding new-found enlightenment and deep spirituality.  What is indeed amazing is not only the drastic change of the abductees’ new-found tolerance but that they themselves don’t realize that they have been deceived.”

An abductee writes:  “My first memory was so wonderful.  At first I was scared but then a woman (alien) lifted me out of my crib and held me … and said ‘You’re my baby now.’ ….They control my body and what it does but they don’t control my mind.  I make my own opinions. …. If there is a problem, they fix it.  They watch over me.  They are my God.”

Feelings and opinions on abduction run the gamut and we certainly have no set answers.  However, I continue to question the motives of the abductors and their behavior.  I would strongly suggest that every abductee do the same.  The question was asked above –  why not believe that the abductors are spiritual if it makes you feel better?  My answer to her is “because it’s not the truth.” 

I welcome comments and thoughts regarding the above article.