The summary reports given below are courtesy of Bob Pratt (one of the authors of Night Siege) who, along with Cynthia Newby Luce, conducted research in 1991 and 1992 in various parts of Brazil. These are just a few of the many cases they investigated. In a letter to me in September, 1994, Bob stated that the encounters taking place in this part of the world are not at all benevolent. Cynthia visited me in August, 1994, and she, too, feels that what is taking place in Brazil appears to be an alien agenda that does not allow for kindness towards human beings.

  1. Jose Dos Santos, 34, Caucaia, Ceara. Jose was hit by a beam of light from a UFO as he climbed over a wooden fence while crossing a farm. He was knocked to the ground and found himself unable to move. He lay there for three nights and two days until he was found by a teenage boy passing by. He was left with garbled speech and unable to control his arms and legs. A doctor said it was a stroke.
  2. Alfredo Soares, 70, Cardeiros, Ceara. Just as it was getting dark, Alfredo was walking toward his home three hundred meters away when he felt something hit the back of his left knee. He looked behind him and saw a beam of light coming from an object that was near the ground and then rose into the sky. It lit an area about ten meters in diameter around him. He felt as if something was trying to pull him up into the air. He grabbed a fence and hung on until the UFO went away. The light was so bright that he couldn’t see much for about ten minutes. He was sick and felt as if he had been shocked. His leg was numb and he couldn’t straighten it out. For two days he had a stomach ache, diarrhea, pain on his left side and bad headaches. His leg was black and blue and had a burn spot on it. It was three months before he could walk again and he needed a cane another three months after that.
  3. Francisca Silva, 66, Sao Goncalo do Amarante, Ceara. Between midnight and 1:00 AM, she was walking home from her son’s house. When she reached the middle of the street in front of her house, a flash of light lit up the area. It happened three times and she turned around. She looked up and saw a huge ball of light, the color of fire, with a thin tube coming down, shaped like a mushroom cap with a thin stream that was emitting rays of light. She thought it was coming down on top of her and she ran screaming into her house.
  4. Maria Inocencio, 49, Pocinhos, Paraiba. She was washing her clothes in a pond when she heard a noise in the sky. It was an object coming down very rapidly. She hid among some trees and watched as the object landed on the ground and two beings emerged. They had small bodies, large heads and wrap-around eyes and were greenish in color. They wore loose-fitting jumpsuits with something like backpacks on their clothing. They spent about half an hour picking up stones, plants and soil samples, all within about fifteen meters of the UFO. She was only four meters from the beings but was quite frightened and stayed well hidden. The two beings then entered the craft and quickly rose into the air, spinning and leaving a sort of vapor trail behind.
  5. Jose Neto, 34, Rio Grande do Norte. Jose says that for about six months a UFO waited for him every night when he went out on his motorcycle. He said it would follow him until he reached town and then disappear. If people were with him when he left the house, it would disappear until he was alone again. It was the color of fire but more reddish. It would start out small but get bigger, about seventy to eighty centimeters in size. It would go up high and the come down low, coming within forty meters of him. It finally went away for good after he stood and cursed it one night.
  6. Benedito De Souza, 51, Rio Grande do Norte. Benedito was walking home from a friend’s house when a UFO came down within five to six meters of him. He looked up and saw what appeared to be a fishing net. The object was long and narrow and had a big hole in the bottom. He could see two small people sitting in it. It shined a big bright light on him and, at the same time, he felt himself being pulled upward. He grabbed a plant and clung to it to keep from going up into the UFO. This went on for three to four minutes. When he wouldn’t let go of the plant, the beings dropped something like hot oil on his upper left arm, burning him. He still wouldn’t let go and the object went away.
  7. Leonel Dos Santos, 59, Rio Grande do Norte. Leonel was abducted in July 1979 in a daylight UFO incident and hasn’t been able to work since. He was standing in a dry river bed when a round black shadow surrounded him. He looked up, saw something big and black and then passed out. He awoke four hours later in a place he didn’t recognize. His friends had been looking for him all morning but found only his footprints leading into the river bed but not out. His tracks stopped in a scooped out area. Leonel had a bad headache, a terrible thirst and pains across his chest. His wife found a black and blue spot and a small puncture wound on the back of his right hip. He was partially deaf for a month, had chest pains for forty-five days and was barely able to move for a year. Since then he has felt weak, has pain in his bones, has frequent headaches and feels cold and clammy. He has been unable to work, and over the year has had to sell off all his farm animals and eventually his farm itself. He and his wife now live in a little house in Lajes.
  8. Joao Mira Neto, 23, university science student, Fortaleza. One evening Joao was riding home on his motorcycle with his sister when they saw a UFO over a lagoon and then it zoomed off into the sky. Later that same night, Joao couldn’t sleep and about 12:30 AM went back to the spot where they had seen the UFO. When he got there, he saw the UFO sitting on the ground and three robotic entities picking things up off the round. He tried to get closer but felt dizzy and passed out. He awoke several hours later without his shirt and lying beside a building some distance away. He didn’t know what had happened to him. After that, his personality changed. He became belligerent, quit school and three years later drowned. Some people believe he committed suicide, as he was a good swimmer.
  9. Hulvio Aleixo, veteran UFO investigator in Belo Horizonte, has investigated more than three hundred cases in that area. He told Bob Pratt about the following cases: — A car mechanic was finishing work when he noticed two yellow balls of light circling above the car lot. One of them shot a beam of light down, hitting him on his right side. He got a terrible headache and later he noticed small burn marks on his cheek, the right side of his chest and his right arm. — A man in his late 20s and two women were walking along a dirt road when they saw a light in the sky coming toward them. They started running but a strap on the man’s thongs broke. The women ran off and he tried to fix his thong. The next thing he knew, the UFO was floating just above his head almost close enough to touch. It was so bright he couldn’t see clearly but it was round and there were some dark images moving inside it. He ran off to the side of the road to get away from it and it shot away very fast. When he got home, he was very sick. He remained sick in the days and weeks that followed and never recovered. He died about three months later.
  10. Geraldo Gomes, 38, and wife Angela, 37, Minas Gerais. At 10:00 PM they were walking to their farm home and a big bluish-white light came up three hundred to four hundred meters behind them and lit up the area. It quickly came up close behind them and Geraldo felt something hit his back. The light was very hot. He then found himself raised about seventy centimeters off the ground and carried about ten meters before Angela could grab him and pull him back down. Both were terrified and screaming. Neighbors witnessed the event from their houses. After several minutes the object went over some nearby bushes and hovered. Then Angela fainted and Geraldo picked her up and carried her the rest of the way home. He was ill for about a year with chest pains and insomnia. He wasn’t able to drive for a year because he couldn’t focus his eyes for long without getting severe headaches. It was three years before he would go out at night again.
  11. Hermelindo Da Silva, 53, Minas Gerais. He was walking home when a big light came on above him. He ran around to the back of a building and tried to open the door but couldn’t. By then the UFO was just above him and he reached up with a piece of wood and hit the bottom of it. He decided to dash to his home thirty meters away but, before he got very far, cables with hooks on the end came down from the UFO. At the same time, a little man came down to the ground and immediately tried to put one of the hooks on Hermelindo’s leg. He fought with the little man but the creature grabbed a hook, put it on Hermelindo’s left ankle and went back up into the object. Hermelindo was being reeled up toward an opening on the bottom of the UFO, with his head down and arms and other leg flailing. He could feel heat coming from the opening. As he neared the craft, his free foot hit the bottom of the UFO and jarred him loose from the hook. By now the UFO was well up into the air and Hermelindo fell straight down into a large yucca plant. He was scratched and bruised all over.
  12. Antonio De Lima, Santo Antonio. During a UFO encounter one night, Antonio was yanked up half a meter off the ground by a hook in the back of his jacket. He grabbed a plant to keep from going farther. Looking over his shoulder, he saw the hook was at the end of a cable coming down from the UFO. He could see three beings inside. Finally his jacket tore and he fell to the ground and the UFO went away. He never went to work again after the encounter; he aged quickly, ate much less than before and was very irritable. He died five years later.
  13. Antonia Da Silva, 35, Campo Redondo, RGN. Antonia and his brother were bringing home a donkey in the evening. They were passing through a farm when a bright light came on above them. It was quite hot and they heard a “ping-ping-ping” noise. Antonio’s brother hid underneath the donkey but Antonio was in the open until he, too, tried to get under the donkey. By then he felt a numbness in his back, and when he touched the left side of his back, he found it was covered with a thick, yellow oily substance. It had a disagreeable odor to it. After three or four minutes, the UFO went away and the brothers ran all the way home with the donkey. Antonio’s wife had to wash his back and said the substance was like grease with a color like that of an egg yolk. When she washed his cotton shirt, the substance left a scum on the water. The left side of Antonio’s back was sore from the shoulder to the hip for a month and he had headaches and fever. He’s afraid to go outside after dark now.
  14. Francisco Oliveira, 41, Sitio Dentro, RGN, owner of a small bar. He and a patron went outside about midnight and a bright light suddenly came on and lit up everything like daylight. Francisco looked up and saw a UFO passing over with what looked like two people in it. The two men ran around the side of the building and squatted down. As the object passed over the building, it destroyed part of the roof of the building with some kind of force. The two men then ran inside the house next door and didn’t come out until the next morning. It was only then that they discovered the roof had been damaged.

It is not just in Brazil that people have encountered UFOs that do them harm. This has happened all over the world. Let us think twice or three times before declaring that our visitors are “kindly space brothers”. Too many people are quick to hold a belief that they wish were true but actually doesn’t hold up when the facts are presented. Don’t be one of them!